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Who we are

Founded in 2009 and headquatered in France, Moobifun is a technology company providing complete cloud-managed solutions. Our services are adressed to mobile network operators, retailers, financial services and gaming operators across the world, with a focus on the growing economies, notably in Africa.

MissionMoobifun’s mission is to partner with customers to provide the vital link between businesses and customers through their preferred mobile channels. Our customers’ needs and constraints are a priority and we work together with them for highest quality services.


What we do

Moobifun is backed by one of the largest independent consulting, financial services and insurance groups, established for more than 75 years and employing specialists worldwide from its offices in 20 countries across Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. We leverage mobile networks and the latest technology to help our clients reach, entertain and communicate with their customers, regardless of the device they use. Our clients can track, evaluate and monetize our products and services enablinging them to achieve their business goals

Our presence
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